Rocket Ejector Adventure in Rishikesh

Let the gravity do its play and have you experience the ultimate fun of going high in the sky and coming down only to be shot back up all speedy and funny. Rocket ejector adventure in India is similar to Bungee Jumping only with more thrill and speed. To freshen you up and bring you back to life, this adventure activity is all about action and tingle. In this activity, you get to euphoria of being tied to safety belts while a high tension elastic rope shoots you up and lets you fall down due to the gravity.

This activity gives you the opportunity of enjoying every second of the movement that you are bound to make, be it from up to down or down to up. You are going to laugh a lot while performing this activity.To be performing this activity, one has to go beyond his comfort level (literally). To ensure the safety of our guests at the park and the camp, we have equipped ourselves with the safest rides and mechanics and have also bulked up our team with experienced, certified trainers and instructors. So, grab the tickets and book as you cannot afford to miss!

Rocket Ejector

1000 /person

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