White Water Rafting in Rishikesh

Surfing is all cool and all but have you ever experienced travelling on water? Not any kind of water but white water. When you’re sitting on an inflatable raft and row the raft around to navigate the river. That is what Rafting is. But rafting in Rishikesh is different as over here, you raft on the river Ganges and let the splashes of this holy water touch your skin to make you feel protected and at peace.

River rafting in Rishikesh doesn’t only bestow you with the opportunity of touching the river Ganges but it also grants you with a chance to experience the timeless beauty of its mountains and its spiritual aura. Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity and is done on kind of water body but in Rishikesh the activity is performed on White water. So, for you to encounter this enchanted activity, we at VATIKA ADVENTURE PARK, present to you Rishikesh’s one of the most famous white water river rafting activity program.

Certain sections of Rafting are considered to be extreme but we make sure that these don’t turn out to be fatal by our world class equipments and highly trained instructors. It is an adventure sport that no human being would want to miss especially when it is being offered at such a low price. Yes, just like camping, the price that we charge for Rafting activity is lower than the general Rishikesh rafting price. In fact, when one thinks of white water rafting Rishikesh, we, VATIKA ADVENTURE PARK, come to their minds first.

River Rafting is done in 6 classes in which, as the class number ascends, the risk and skill level increases. Say, one guest chooses to do Class 2 rafting then the Rafting will be done on Rough water consisting of a bit high rocks and to perform the same, manoeuvring will be required. Alongside, the skill level required will be capable of doing basic paddling.

We at VATIKA ADVENTURE PARK allow classes till 5 as class 6 is very risky and can turn out to be fatal. But Class 5 is also not easy and attracts hardcore adventure seekers and people who have done it before. These classes allow the flexibility to safety as every age group can choose the risk level according to their convenience. Just as, we don’t want any age group to miss out on any level of fun and adventure because we believe that adventure and risk taking are the kind of qualities that define success and help live life with more satisfaction and contempt.

To be performing this activity, one has to go beyond his comfort level (literally). To ensure the safety of our guests at the park and the camp, we have equipped ourselves with the safest rides and mechanics and have also bulked up our team with experienced, certified trainers and instructors.

Now, that you know almost everything about how it is going to be at our Rafting sites, what is the wait for? Go, grab the tickets, book your package now and come experience life with us at Vatika Adventure Park.

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