Jungle Camping in Rishikesh

From sing along and open mic events besides a Bonfire in the evenings after a power-packed day to sipping on morning tea amidst the cold breeze and fascinating mountains after a peaceful sleep, we intend to provide with you the best staying experience, not at a 5- star Hotel, but at a cleanly maintained, enthralling Jungle Camp.

We excel at providing the best camp in Rishikesh as we ensure that we are keeping up with the demands of adventure-seekers and nature lovers at our Camp. Illuminated by pretty lights in the evenings, our camp is not a simple one. When someone thinks of Rishikesh camping booking, ours is the one that comes to the mind first. From delicious food for the enhancement of one’s senses to an outdoor swimming pool to kill the heat, we have the utmost luxurious and wholesome facilities at our camp.

Ac Rooms

₹ 2200 / Per Person

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Non Ac Rooms

₹ 1800 / Per Person

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₹ 1600 / Per Person

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Our camp is extremely spacious and highly accommodative. Located in the midst of mountains, when you step out of your camp, you get to live the scenic view of gigantic mountains and the entailing peace. With greenery all around our Camp setup, we ensure you will get the feeling that you are staying in the Mother Nature’s lap itself.

When you wake up in the morning, and step out to sip on your tea in the sit-out area, you will feel a cold breeze touching your cheeks and the sweet smell of nature touching your nose and smell senses. Camping in Rishikesh is one thing one should really not miss especially bestowing us with the opportunity of taking care of this demanded delight of yours as we are most happy to share this experience with you at a really affordable price as our price is lower than the general Rishikesh camping price.

Our camp is interior designed in a way that will make you feel at home while feeling the luxury at the same time. The combination of richness and being down-to-earth, in the earth’s lap is unbeatable.

Accommodating all of this, our camp is well-equipped to fight any kind of danger that sets to fall upon it. Scared? Don’t be, because what we mean by this is that we have the cosiest and most warm blankets to protect your health from Rishikesh’s morning cold. About the other dangers, the camp is located at a safe place in Rishikesh at Bijjni Chatti.

Also, interesting fact, Bijni Chhoti is the place where our old Rishi Munis used to take a tour break in the night. They used to visit the Char Dham Yatra, travelling by foot as roads weren’t developed by then.They used to come during the war against China, travelling through from the mountains. That is the beauty of Rishikesh, every place, every road, every step and every stop of this place indicates something or the other that is of value to our history and that keeps us intact with our ground.

Now, that you know almost everything about how it is going to be at our camps, what is the wait for? Go, grab the tickets, book your package now and come experience life with us at Vatika Adventure Park.

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